Creating a Mailbox

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Creating an email mailbox is relatively easy, and only needs a directory creating in the right location.


In this example, the email address to be created is replace the bold with the relevant username and domain you want.

  1. Choose a complex password for the user. The user can change this later via webmail.
  2. Log into your server running Sympl as the sympl user.
  3. mkdir -p /srv/
  4. echo password-for-user > /srv/

The user should then be able to log into the server using the full email address as the username, and the password you used above. If the website is hosted on the same server, you can access the webmail via, again using the full email address and password.

Overnight, the password will be automatically encrypted, but you can also reset it by repeating the final step.

Remember, you may also need to configure DNS before mail is directed to the server.

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