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The most basic action with Sympl is creating a website.

To do this, you only need to create a directory in the relevant location, then drop the files into it.


In this example, the site to be created is

This will create web sites at and, so you don't need to include the www.

If you want to create a subdomain, then you can create that the same way, such as

  1. Log into your server running Sympl as the sympl user.
  2. mkdir -p /srv/

Any files placed into the htdocs directory will automatically be served at

Within an hour, an individual configuration for the site will be automatically generated, however if you want to accelerate this process you can run sudo sympl-web-configure --verbose.

Remember, you may also need to configure DNS before the website is visible.

For more details on creating a website, including how to test the website before the domain has transferred to the Sympl server, see Website_Configuration_Reference

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