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Sympl has a number of changes compared to Symbiosis other than the names.

  • The 'admin' user has been replaced with a user named sympl, which has a normal home directory.
  • MariaDB/MySQL now has a sympl user, which can use logged into via the command line, or used via phpMyAdmin, and the password can be found in /home/sympl/mysql_password.
  • There is now a sympl command line tool which deals with common tasks including creating sites, email and databases (full features coming soon).
  • All packages and command-line utilities have been renamed, most notably:
This means that symbiosis-httpd-configure becomes sympl-web-configure.
  • IMAP/POP3/SMTP mail all supports SNI by default.
  • Chat/XMPP/Jabber support has been retired, as there was little indication of it being used.
  • There is now a sympl-filesystem-security tasks which runs hourly and sets correct permissions to allow CMS's (such as Wordpress) to auto-update easily.
  • In Symbiosis Jessie the outgoing firewall was setup to block connections to other servers (e.g. curl requests to Paypal, Stripe etc). This was removed in Symbiosis Stretch and is not in Sympl either.
  • Rsync of the Backup2l output to another server has been removed. See this forum post for alternative options
  • Exim uses the correct SSL certificate for the domain name being accessed. Therefore mail can now be securely be collected from each domain name and you no longer need to use the server's generic name.