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There are a few ways of installing Sympl. You will need a Debian or Raspberry Pi OS server running Buster (10), Bullseye (11) or Bookworm (12), and root access to the server. We suggest the server is freshly re-imaged, with only minimal packages installed on it and a correctly configured hostname.

Imaged Install

If you're using a virtual server from Mythic Beasts, you can use their automatic installer to install Sympl and set most things up for you.

See Installing Sympl on Mythic Beasts for more information.

Automatic Install

There is a basic auto-install script which can be used to install Sympl with minimal intervention and point the user to important resources.

Install Stable/Production Version


Install Beta/Testing Version

bash --testing

Non Interactive Install

The install script supports a non-interactive install, with the --noninteractive switch.

This disables the normal 5 second delay before installing.

If using this in an automated script, please ensure that users are pointed to the URL and are made aware of the file README_SYMPL.txt in the root adn sympl users home directories for documentation, and strongly suggest they update the password for the sympl user as soon as possible.

Manual Install

Alternatively, you can install manually:

apt install wget gnupg
wget -qO- | apt-key add -
echo deb $(grep '^VERSION_CODENAME' /etc/os-release | cut -d'=' -f2) main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sympl_mythic-beasts.list
apt-get update
apt-get install --install-recommends sympl-core

You will be prompted for a number of things during the install. Depending on the state of your system, some of these may not be asked or may be in another order:

Prompt Answer
Configuring roundcube-core: Configure database for roundcube with dbconfig-common? Yes
Configuring roundcube-core: Database type to be used by roundcube MySQL
Configuring roundcube-core: Host running the server for roundcube localhost
Configuring roundcube-core: Password of the database’s administrative user Leave Blank
Configuring roundcube-core: MySQL application password for roundcube Leave Blank
User preference (Leave blank to generate a random password) Leave Blank
Configuring phpmyadmin: Configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common? Yes
Configuring phpmyadmin: Host running the MySQL server for phpmyadmin localhost
Configuring phpmyadmin: Web server to reconfigure automatically apache2
Configuring phpmyadmin: Perform upgrade on database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common? yes
Configuring libc6:amd64: Restart services during package upgrades without asking? Yes
Configuration file /etc/sysctl.conf modified since installation Install the package maintainer's version
Configuring openssh-server Install the package maintainer's version
Configuring grub-pc Keep the local version currently installed
Configuration file /etc/ntp.conf modified since installation Keep your currently-installed version
Configuration file /etc/phpmyadmin/ modified since installation Install the package maintainer’s version
Configuring unattended-upgrades Install the package maintainer’s version

Remember to set the new 'sympl' users password with passwd sympl once you have installed.