Installing Sympl on Mythic Beasts

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Mythic Beasts provide support to Sympl, and their virtual servers can have Sympl installed for you automatically.

  1. Once you have your server provisioned, browse to the Mythic Beasts control panel.
  2. Click Install OS.
  3. For the Operating system, select Sympl
  4. For the Hostname, provide a hostname for the server. This can be left as the default if wanted. Ensure that the DNS for the custom hostname has already been updated, or the Sympl install will fail.
  5. In the SSH Keys box, paste your SSH public key. This will be used to log in as both the root user, and the sympl user once the server is imaged.
  6. Click Install.
  7. The installation will now happen. This can take a few minutes, and will seem to stall at 97% as Sympl is installed, but don't worry!
  8. Once Sympl has been installed, SSH to the server as either the root or sympl user.
  9. New user information and a temporary password for the Sympl user is available by running less ~/README_SYMPL.txt.
  10. Remember to set a new (long and unique) password for the sympl user with passwd sympl.
  11. Check the Getting Started page for your next step!